Hello and welcome!

Simply discover my Portfolio by hovering over the images and "klick" to enter the correspondent categories. Please note that the device you are watching the images on makes a difference. Usually Laptop-Screens make them look a bit flat in colors. Maybe try a mobile device or a flat-screen instead.

The broader scenes.
See my photographs of broader and wider scenes...
The story scenes.
It's all about an altering, certain topic - this time autumnal mood maybe...
The detailed scenes.
...and take a detailed look at smaller scenes...
The aerial scenes.
Take a peek at the scenes from above... And see how our forests suffer from Climate Change, Pest Infestations and Clear cuts
The animal scenes.
See my photographs of animal scenes...
The Nature's Atelier scenes.
Nature's atelier and abstracted visions... to me this kind of photography often emphasizes colors and textures and hence conveys spirit and feel of Nature much better than "straight forward" photography.
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